Soul Conversations with Gregory Part 2: How do we connect with the soul?


Welcome back to another great conversation with Gregory regarding the soul.

Last week, we discussed the following topics:

  • What is the soul?

  • Does the soul have a purpose?

  • How is the game of life played on Earth?

  • Why is there struggle in life?

  • How do we see through the illusion of separateness?

This week, as we dive even deeper into the concepts of the soul, and our purpose here on Earth, we want to remind you of a few important points:

First, get yourself into a centered space before listening. This will will help you hear the answers you wish to receive more clearly. We suggest taking three deep and cleansing breaths before reading this material. It will help ground and center you to hear this message more clearly.

Second, we encourage you to stop at various points while reading, or listening, to check in with how these concepts feel for you. The topic of the soul is individual for each person, and only you will be able to decipher the truth for yourself.

Third, it’s best to keep an open, curious mind. This will allow the wisdom of your heart and the knowing you hold deep inside to surface.

Fourth, have fun! Enjoy this learning process and write down new questions that arise. We’re in this journey of life together! Let us know what you think, and what new concepts you’d like to discuss as a result of this conversation.

With that, we’ll dive right back into our Q&A with Gregory!



Is there a benefit to understand the soul, and the energy that is bigger than us?
I mean, if the game of life is just as juicy whether we are aware of the soul or not, what keeps people interested in learning about it?



With the way the game has been set up, you come into this particular time-space continuum here on planet Earth, and you begin the journey in ignorance. You begin as the drop of water coming into an existence. And, this drop doesn’t comprehend anything; it just is in its existence. This is true until it is out of the human physical experience back into All-That-Is once again. [This is what many humans call the death].

When you come into human form, you’ve created a ladder in the game called human where you move from unenlightened, unevolved into more enlightened, and more evolved. That is where you, as humans, begin to understand [your true connection]. You, as humans, want to learn how to be physical and still be connected to the spiritual. You want to know how much you can be in your physical lives AND still be connected to your spiritual being without blipping out of physical into spiritual.

Let’s give you an example of this. Many individuals have done astral projection--where you travel beyond space and time. They’ve gone into the space where they are floating around the universe, completely connected to All-That-Is, in the bliss of love and acceptance that is All-That-Is. And, then, in a moment, they go, “Oh my god, What if I can’t go back into human?”

In that instant, boom, they’re back in their physical body. That is the safeguard measure that keeps you in physical body. In reality, if you didn’t have an ego to keep you connected, you could just bleep out of the body at any moment and be gone. But, then you wouldn’t stick around to learn the lessons.

We have certain safeguards and certain rules and certain things in place to keep you in the physical body, to keep you learning and growing. Because the ultimate goal is to learn and grow.

For example, you’ve heard about the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa or Deepak Chopra or many others you don’t even know, who spend a lot of time being in the non-physical realm (via meditation and other techniques). They and then you come back into the physical to play.

You, too, can come into that space where you are one with the universe, gathering information and being one with All-That-Is. It’s like reading a gigantic book with the information of All-That-Is, that you can then bring that back into being human. You’re able to do both. The great yogis can do this. They can disconnect from their physical bodies regularly. Most people don’t ever meet someone who can do that. There are very few anymore who can. But you could do that (if you wanted to, with training and practice). It’s just another way of playing in the dimension called life on planet Earth.

So, the big answer is yes; it is of value in the human game for you to continue to reach ways to grow in your human life. There is a benefit to be awake and aware and still be in touch with the spiritual essence of All-That-Is. And, it's just as valuable someone chooses to be in this incarnation as a person not dealing with that woo-woo, metaphysical, spirituality stuff. One could keep your nose to the grindstone kind of human, working in a factory, or in a coal mine, or in a completely disconnected place because you are learning that way, too. All of the lessons, by all of the humans on Earth, are of value.



I understand that all experiences and life paths have value. I teach yoga, for example. This is a craft that can alleviate stress in the body, create more flexibility, allow people to be healthier for longer periods of time, and have a broader perspective. It also helps people to not take things personally. We get many benefits, on many levels from this practice, with an ultimate goal of having a stronger connection to our spiritual nature.

But, if every experience is of value, why would I even want to encourage people to learn through yoga? Do we want to sell the idea of yoga, even if another path they chose is of equal value?

Said another way, what are the benefits of teaching yoga?

What are the benefits of being aware of spirituality?

And, why would I want to encourage others on that same journey?



Teaching yoga is of value because there are others out there who are looking to be aware of their body in new ways and to be aware of their spirituality. There are those who have chosen that particular path in this time, and you’re teaching them possibilities and alternatives that they may not have seen until now.

The people who want to work in a factory, who want to find out what it’s like to have a life of struggle (well, not all factories equate to struggle, but we are using that as an example). If they choose a struggle-full environnement, a struggle-full group of people with which to interact, to be in an argumentative relationships because they want to learn how to argue, they won’t come to your yoga classes. They have chosen a different path. The people who are in this life to learn the lessons of struggle won’t come to the people who are trying to help enlighten.

But if there’s an individual who chooses a struggle-full life,and at some point in time starts asking, “does it really have to be this hard? I see people who are enjoying their lives, in tune with their body, looking younger. How might that be for me?”

The minute someone asks that question, we (as non-physical guides) have permission to guide them toward someone like you (or BobbieG or us). You might might say, “well, I can’t solve every problem you have, but I can show you how to move your body and make you feel better.”

In helping them limber up their body, and eat more healthily, and think more healthily, they might move out struggle-full existence because they may not need to be in struggle their whole lifetime. If they manage to live longer than they did when they originally came here, then they have more opportunities to play in more dimensions where there are others able to offer those important dimensions.



So, what you’re saying here is that there are people that choose learning experiences that choose struggle. And, some of those people will choose to stay in that environment to learn that lesson. But, there are people who will start asking questions about how could they make life easier, or how they might learn more. In asking those questions,they give people who already have a deeper connection an opportunity  to be teachers, and continue their learning, and offer there are more ways to do that. Is that right?



Let’s use the example of Bobbie. There are four siblings in her family. All of those siblings were born into various levels of conflict and struggle in the family of origin. One individual has chosen to stay in the struggle her whole life. She believes this is as good as it gets, that this is life on Earth. She believes that this is reality, and that is the reality she’s sticking with. Another individual has moved above that, and taken a more positive approach. Yet, they also vacillate between various layers of struggle, because life can be a challenge.

Bobbie and her brother were born into the struggle, and in different ways, chose to say, “Well hold it. Maybe there is another alternative here.” He has chosen different teachers, different learnings than those of his sister.

In order to move past what they were born into, and the original lessons for Bobbie, she wanted to figure out why people born into a circumstance like her would behave and think the way they do. Once she figured it out, and she gave the information back to All-That-Is, she recognized the lesson. She said, “let me try something different.”

As she moved up the rungs of the ladder [of awareness], we were able to bring her different teachers. Sometimes there were metaphysical teachers. Sometimes there were physical teachers. Other times, guides. We could then bring her different experiences to grow and change. That is part of what you’re doing here, as Kym, because you came to learn how to be a teacher. You came to learn how to teach different things to different people on different levels. Your definition of teacher, and how to be a teacher, has transformed over time. You are learning new ways to teach and new ways to grow and new ways to share. It’s perfection for you to do this, and to be there for other people who are seeking what you have to teach, while you, yourself, are seeking new teachers. You see, everybody wins in this game.



I have two questions as a result of what you just said. First, with the example of Bobbie, did acknowledging the learning allow for the next phase of learning?



Well, yes and no. At the level you are at right now (as Kym), you acknowledge your learning. It was at the beginning of Bobbie’s learning, at the beginning of her awakening. She simply thought, “It doesn't have to be this difficult. Wow! How did I end up here?”

Here’s where the soul comes in. Without having conscious, thinking memories about where she came from, there was a part of her that knew it didn’t have to be this difficult. In the pain of where she was at, she thought it has to be easier than this. THEN, she was at the point where she could acknowledge the learning, and move on.

There are various ways of connecting [to the soul], and at the beginning, it might not be through awareness.

Be aware of your options, and the path of those options. The difference is that for some people, they are aware that they are in pain, and their decision is to be stuck in the pain and that is as good as it gets. Their life will continue to be pain.Others will notice they are in pain, and will ask if it has to be that way. The minute they ask that, they open the doorway to new possibilities.

That is the beginning of the learning.



You give the example that struggle is one way to experience life, and still be seemingly disconnected from the spiritual aspect of the self. I feel you could look at people on the planet who are successful or abundant, but who could also still be disconnected and not be aware of spiritual self. Is that true?



Absolutely. Society gets confused, and as they portray in the movies if you have money, you've got it made. And, you know as well as Bobbie and as well as billions of people on the planet, that there are many people who have been able to obtain material success who are still empty shells inside. And, they’re not happy with where they are at.

The spirituality aspect is available to the richest of the rich, and the poorest of the poor. There is a documentary about happiness, and it showed a man on his bicycle taxi in India who is one of the happiest people in the show because he is blessed to be surrounded by people he loves. He feels full and happy that God has given him a tin shack to live in, so he is not in the street. Juxtaposed to the person who owns a billion dollars worth of stuff, and feels empty inside. It is not the dollars [that equate to satisfaction].

There are also people who are very rich who are doing everything they can to make this world a better place, and they are in bliss. It’s really about your willingness to connect to spirit. It’s not what your society says. Success is when you feel connected to yourself more times than not--filled up and whole inside--and able to touch the bliss and love of the All-That-Is. That is success.



One more question for today. I read a quote that talks about the energy that creates our souls, that comprises our souls, and is so powerful that it has to be reduced in order to take on physical form. Is that true?



Yes. Let us explain.

The energy of All-That-Is, at any given moment, is vibrating at a gazillion gigawatts of power.

If you were to come into the physical body [at that rate], you would burn up at that level. So, when you come into the physical body, the [all-that-is] slows down the speed of vibration into the physical to play in this time-space continuum that has hours and minutes and days. And it does slow down.

Let us give you a more understandable example. When we started to work with Bobbie in the beginning, we would have her do her journaling. We would take her hand, and write a word. That was as good as she could get because that was as much of our energy as she could manage.

At this point in time, during this conversation, she’s not even in this body. She’s out floating, being the essence that we call The Bobbie. She is here, but floating, and we’re in [her] body, physiologically to increase the vibration of her body to allow us to come through and be in this place, giving you this information. When we do this, we tell her she must have water, and she’s sucking on her straw for water throughout this whole thing because physiologically this is raising the vibration in her body.

They are doing tests now where they can read your body. Science is doing tests of the vibration in yogis as they are meditating, as they are connecting with the All-That-Is. The vibration of the brain and vibration of the body is actually expanded during that time. When a yogi is truly, truly practiced, they could physiologically move out of the body, and the body can move through a wall. Now, we don’t suggest anybody try this. But that potentiality happens when you vibrate at a higher level, because currently we are right with you, right now. You just can’t see us because we are vibrating at a higher level than you are.

So, it’s all about the vibration. The show, Star Trek, played with this where they had people at different vibrations walking through walls. Some were also not able to talk to people who weren't moving because they were at a lower vibration. There was even an episode where they had energy beings who could transmit all over the place because they had a higher vibration.

At a higher vibration there are no walls; there is no density. There is no lack. There is no gravity. It is a higher vibration. So, in that way, in order for you to descend, in order to be in the planet and move in this modality and play this game, your vibration has slowed down. This is similar to how a piece on a board game doesn’t seem to have a vibration (because it is moving slower than you are). But, if you could put it under a microscope, you’d see it vibrating. It’s vibration is just less than your vibration, because you have more life force within you than the pieces you move on a physical game board.

Similarly, a plant has more vibration than some rocks. Some rocks have more vibration than other rocks. But, it is all vibration.

Said another way, we physically slow down our vibrational frequency to take on physical form from what our soul was prior to taking on that body.

The drop that is us flows into the body that we create, and makes the decision to vibrate at a slower level. It’s like people will tell you when they’ve been in an accident that they've disengaged from the body. They say they looked back at the body. The part of the soul disengages from the creation of the body in that moment. And, then, if it decides to live, it goes back into the body and re-adjusts the vibration again.



Often, we hear we have the capacity to leverage the power of the universe. So does that mean we have the ability to connect to the entire frequency of All-That-Is? Is that what that means?



It means so many things.

When you say leverage, you have the power to access All-That-Is. And, in your ability to connect into that vibration, you create the capacity to manifest in your physical reality that which you are trying to manifest. That is a lot of what is going on here. Money is a big example for people. They say “I’m poor,” and they want more money. They are grabbing for it, trying to effort to make more of it. Trying to effort it rarely makes very much movement. Even if you do accumulate [more stuff], it doesn’t bring you the comfort that you are looking for.

But if you tap into the All-That-Is, the bliss of being able to move more freely about the universe which is what you really want, then you can use your ability to tap into the wisdom of All-That-Is to find the way through to the abundance that you have, the freedom you are really seeking. In connecting with All-That-Is, you find that what you’re looking for is not money,. You’re looking for more freedom, for more expansion. When you read that message, then you can manifest more in your physical reality and play with how to manifest from non physical into physical by feeling the vibration and paying attention.



In doing so, does that mean we’re connecting with our soul to do that because our soul is already connected to All-That-Is?



You’re never not your soul. You’re expanding the soul energy beyond the belief of your body, into the All-That-Is, to garner the information. It’s rather like right now, the soul that is Bobbie is combined with us, as Gregory. As we utilize her body, we have co-created to communicate the information to give you this message.

And, Bobbie is part of the All-That-Is, she will go back into the body when we are done with this message. We will still be here, but we won’t be maneuvering her body. It will be all Bobbie again, which is a slower vibration. Essentially, we slow down to utilize the vibration of her body.

As a reminder, just like all times with the gregory, we invite you to read this in two ways: read it with your head the first time. Then, hear the words with all of your being. Allow yourself to stop periodically to feel how this is for you. Let it permeate your entire being. Absorb it. This is for you to play with, and to grow you, and to let you experience new ways of being, thinking, and holding the universe and new way of holding this universal information that is always available to you.

Take what you like, leave the rest, and let the good times roll!



Join us next time when we discuss:

  • The different levels of the soul

  • How we tap into the energy of the soul

  • How we understand the messages of the soul

  • The best way to balance the egoic mind and the spiritual self to make decisions.


For all this, and more, stay tuned to our engaging conversations of the soul!

Bobbie Gray