Soul Conversations with Gregory Part 3: Different Aspects of the Soul


Welcome to another Soul Conversation with the Gregory Continuum.

This week we are going to cover such questions as:

  • What are the different levels of the soul?

  • How do we increase our energetic vibration to tap into the wisdom of the soul?

  • What benefits arise from tapping into the energy of the soul?

  • How do we understand messages from spirit?

  • What does it mean to live according to the spiritual self?

  • How do we balance the egoic mind and the spiritual self when making decisions?

Let’s dive in and get started!


Hello everyone. We are so excited to be here, and to share even more delicious opportunities for you to learn and to grow in your world, in your life, in this existence, and in this exciting journey on planet Earth. To begin with, we want to do our three cleansing breaths. Then, we’ll jump in with our darling Kym Coco and answer questions from the All-That-Is that will enlighten and enliven your life.

We invite you to find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Take three, deep cleansing breaths by inhaling and exhaling slowly. Once you are finished, continue reading the conversation below. Keep in mind your intuition and inner wisdom will be your best guide in this process. Read the words below, and feel how they resonate within your body. Make notes of any insights that come to mind as you read.


Great. Last week we introduced the soul, and how the soul manifests into the physical body. You said that there are different levels of the soul. The higher self is part of your soul that is in connection with All-That-Is. Are there other levels besides that of the higher self?


Okay, there is the soul. But, let’s put in terms of jobs, instead of terms of souls. You have a higher self soul, and it’s job--or one of the jobs--is to connect to the All-That-Is, and be in that essence with the energy of the Universe. It translates the messages of the energy of the Universe when you are asking questions, and it helps bring that [information] down into something that the human mind can understand.

Another job of the soul is to work with the human egoic self as you begin to map out what it is you want to do in this life journey, and what it is you want to manifest because the egoic self. [Let’s say you want a car.] Well, maybe you want a car, but maybe what you really want is to travel and expand your realm of where you want to be in the world. In that way, the soul is fine-tuning the wantings of the ego to really fit with the vibration of what it is you want to manifest while you are here in this physical life.

So, one job would is to be the translator, for lack of a better phrase, for all of the information that is coming from All-That-Is. This translator is helping you receive answers that you are asking out to the universe. The other job is to translate what the egoic self wants to do into something that is of a higher vibration.

And there is a soul, the oversoul, that sees the bigger picture. It’s also connected to both the All-That-Is, and to the egoic self. It’s the intermediary. Does that make sense, Kym.



[The oversoul is] the intermediary between the two--the translator of spirit to human and human to spirit. We spoke more of the oversoul and the higher last time. The egoic self has so many wants and desires and things it wants to do [in this lifetime]. For those of you who are more awake, you have a vague inkling or memory of what it is you came here to do. For other people, the egoic self is pretty cut off from the original journey, and they just came in to do it, to live life, and be human. But most of you, who are listening to the information that is being communicated here, are somewhat aware that there is more to this juman journey that just getting up, going to work, coming home, having children, getting married, living a life, and doing that repetitively for sixty or seventy years.That’s not a bad way to live, but most of you who are called to listen to this sort of information are saying, “You know, there’s gotta be more.”

And, you can get distracted with the human journey. You can get distracted with the money. You can get distracted with food, clothing, and shelter. You can get distracted with mates, and inter-relationship issues. You can get distracted, very much so, with politics and world geography, and all sorts of stuff. And, that’s all part of the human journey.

But when you can come back to that central beingness of you--through meditation, through prayer, through whatever modality you use to connect to your higher self or your soul self or your spiritual self--you can center up. Maybe your conscious brain doesn’t remember [your purpose], but there is information and feelings and inklings that sift through [the world noise], that make you believe, “Well, maybe I don’t want to take that job. I don’t exactly know why, but something doesn’t feel right.” Now, the higher self knows that that job is not on your path. The egoic self might not know, but it can get an inkling when it takes time to connect with the higher self, to feel the energy, and receive the information that is available from the great beyond called the All-That-Is.

Now, we just gave you large reams of information. Do you want to synthesize it, Kym?


[What you said] makes sense. It actually leads really nicely into the question I have written down about vibration. And, I think, it will create more clarification [for our readers].

So, last week we also spoke about how vibration slows down from the larger picture of All-That-Is to take on human form. And, you mentioned that Bobbie has continued to increase her vibration in order to channel your wisdom. You mentioned a few practical ways to do this just now, such as meditation, in which humans can increase their vibrations. What are some other ways we can increase our vibration, and also connect to that soul level?


Very good question. There are so many was available right now, Kym. So many, many ways. We are going to make a list of some of the ones that are most readily available that even the Bobbie-brain consciousness knows, and even some that she doesn’t.


First, let’s start with meditation. Meditation can be experienced through the:

  • Deepak Chopra and Oprah meditations

  • Sonaya Roman meditations

  • Saurian meditations, by Karl Sanders

  • The Free Soul Method, which helps you open up to multiple ways of exploring your spiritual, what [Pete Sanders] calls your psychic, abilities. His book is called, You Are Psychic. He has multiple ways of expanding [your vibration], whether you are clairaudient, clairvoyant, or clairsentient. He calls it different things, but they are just different ways to expand your different abilities and tap into the spiritual realm.

Meditation can be anything that brings you out of that human, egoic, day-to-day thinking, doing space, and into that higher vibration space.

For some people, there are religions where there are certain types of prayers, and certain types of beads, and certain types of meditations, and certain types of ceremonies that are used to expand [the spirit]. Some people like to use crystals and rocks; that helps them expand. Some people like to use singing bowls [that are made] out of crystal; that helps them expand. Any modality that vibrates with you [can work], and there are so many out there for you to experience. We invite you to try multitudes, and multiple things.

Try different thought forms, different religions, different belief systems. There is Native American. There is Christianity. There is Buddhism. There is Hinduism. Oh, we could go on forever. There are so many different possibilities that you can play with, and what we invite you to do do is feel the vibration in your being, in your soul, when you are doing different modalities. You can then see what resonates with you.

Bobbie uses different rocks because there are certain ones that call to her. Now, she never believed in rocks, and she still doesn’t. But there are certain ones--that when she’s holding them and being with them--they feel good to her. And, that feeling good works for her. Being able to feel the rock, and distract herself, and feeling the energy of that, it helps her.


Breathing is [also] an incredibly great way to pay attention. Feel the breath coming in, and feel the breath going out. [There are so many ways to breathe]. There is deep breathing. There is tantric breathing. There is method breathing. There is relaxation breathing. With all of the breathing [methods], the mind follows the breath. And, if you can slow down the breathing, you slow down the mind. You come into that synergy [with] Universal energy.

Here’s the part that is counterintuitive; when you slow down your breathing and you come into the moment, your vibration increases. This is because your egoic mind is out of the way, and you're in tune with the energy of the Universe. You don’t feel faster [in vibration], necessarily, but your vibration increases.

So, for example, one of the ways in which Bobbie knows her vibration increases, is that when she is done doing a channeling session, she feels like she’s walking ten feet off of the Earth. She feels like she could run. When she and [her husband] Roger were teaching classes in their home, when the classes were over (especially the very, very good ones), they couldn’t go to sleep. They had to go for a walk to reconnect to the earth, to bring their energy into their bodies, [They would] enjoy the higher vibration, but then need to slow down and come back into their life.

Slowing down has a dual purpose. Sometimes you are slowing back into your life. And, sometimes you’re releasing and releasing and releasing through the breath in order to allow yourself to connect with the energy of All-That-Is. In this way, we can raise your vibration, and allow the information from the All-That-Is to permeate your body, your mind, and your being. In those moments that permeation happens, there is an exchange of knowing that the egoic brain can’t [understand]. But the soul knows, and then utilizes that information, incorporating it bit by bit by bit into the human thinking over time. [This may be revealed] through the weeks, the months, and the years ahead as you move forward on your journey.


So, one of the benefits of taking the time in one of various modalities, or many modalities, is to have our soul remember, or our soul connect with, information that is larger that we can tap into consciously. And, that we can remember that information, and carry it with us into our life. What are some other benefits of increasing our vibration?


Well, more powerful messages come through the higher vibration. For those who have been following the Bobbie, and were listening to some of the channeling messages say 20 years ago, there was a value in that. But the level of message [20 years ago] was much more for beginners. Now, the level that she is bringing through is for more advanced souls, people who are doing their own spiritual practice, and people who are expanding more. By raising her vibration, she is able to let go and allow us to be in charge. The more she is able to do that at the higher vibration level, the  clearer the information is that you are getting.

So, if you create the space in your own lives to increase your vibration and allow spirit to come through more powerfully, the messages you receive will be more profound. And, that’s why we invite you to write them down, or audio them out, so you can listen to them later. We want the egoic brain out of the way, so we can give you the information. Then, you can bring your egoic brain in later, to listen. You will begin to notice that the more you are able to let go and be in the energy of spirit, and let spirit be the one that is in charge of giving you the information, then when you listen to it later, you’ll go, “Wow!”

It’s not so much something we can explain, but something you can feel if you do it.

We ask you to trust us. The more you let go, and release the need to be in charge, the more your vibration can vibrate at the level of spirit, and the more concise and clear our message will be to you.

For example, as beautiful as the message is that is coming through Bobbie, if you listen to Eckhart Tolle or Esther Hicks, and they’re on a roll and they’re in their space, it’s even clearer because they are completely able to release. Bobbie is not choosing to completely release at this time, and she may never in this lifetime. She’s done it in other lifetimes, and has chosen instead to be co-conscious this time around. The silly thing about that is that she’s not [really] co-conscious. She won’t remember a word of this until she listens to it later, Kym. But, that’s who she is and that’s her life, and we must work with it.

If you have an issue about being co-conscious, that’s fine. Do that. But, then, know that the more you release, the more powerfully and beautifully we can come through to give you the wisdom you are seeking. You can then hear it, harness it later, expand from it, and integrate it. There’s the key. You integrate the information into your life more powerfully when you can go back and listen [to your messages] with the egoic mind because the higher self is working with the ego while you are listening to that message, and helping you integrate it faster.

Wow, we just jumped into another subject, my darling.


That’s okay. It’s a nice flow we’re forming here. I read a quote that said, “As you grow aware of your spiritual self, and your origin and your immortal-ness, and you choose to live according to that first, and the physical second, you close the gap between the personality and the soul.”

This brings up a couple different questions. What you just talked about was being able to integrate that soul knowledge in various ways into our lives as one of the benefits of being aware of our spiritual selves. But what does it really mean to live according to the spiritual self first?


Excellent question. [Let us use an example].

Let’s say you want to manifest a new home. And, you’re feeling like you’re just not satisfied with the home you're living in now, and you need something new. If you’re living from the egoic self, the egoic mind can go out and it can make a list of all the things you’d like in the new home. It will probably list things like cost of the home, location of the home, neighborhood the home is in, possibly of nearby schools (if you have children), and/or proximity to the environment in which you are working (if you are concerned about commuting and transportation). The egoic mind thinks ideas like that, and it can make a very good list. It can come up with certain things--like how you’d like it to look, and the colors you’d like it to be--which is of value. It’s not bad. It gives you a clear picture of what you want. We actually ask you often--visualize and create in your mind what you want. That’s step one.

Step two is when you step into spiritual knowing. You say to spirit (aloud or internally), “I know I’m needing a move, but I’m not sure what that’s about. Guide me to understand what this energy is that is calling me forth to go through a move.

Now, several things can happen from that. You may find that you don’t need a new house, but you need a new job. Or, you might find you need a new mate or new friends. You might find that what you're really wanting is to move to a new country. You might find that you’re needing a new career. The energy of move takes on a whole different meaning, or could, when you check in with spirit to understand why this energy to move is here.

The egoic mind will feel the need of move, and decide it’s a house. When that’s not it.

But, let’s say it is a house. Let's say that you have outgrown your domicile, and the spiritual, higher self can help you understand that you need more open space in your home. And, that you need it on a different piece of property that feels different. Perhaps you need more sunlight, or you need maybe to be in another town, or another environment. It can help you feel into the spiritual needs that could be met by moving to someplace else.

When you are looking [moving] that way, when you go to look at a house, instead of looking at the architecture, you feel your way into the domicile.

When Bobbie got the house she is living in now, she did not care about moving. She had a house on a hill with a view, which is what she had manifested and what she wanted. But, the mate she was with at that time felt the need to move back into the city. This was not something in Bobbie’s best interest, and she knew that. But, at that time, she was wanting to keep that mate, so she agreed to compromise. They were looking around, and there were different places to see. Bobbie wasn’t even aware of us at that time, but something inside of her (well, actually, it was us) was guiding her. She would go into different places, and she would look around and say, “No. No. No. This isn’t a match. This isn’t a match.”

But, when they got to the home she’s in now, the first thing she could see was the view out to the trees and over to the river that was behind the house. And, even though she couldn’t see the river, she knew it was there and she could feel its energy. The Native American spirit who had held the energy of this place was there in the house. She wasn’t aware of it, but it’s spirit was aware of her, and invited her in. She could feel the energy.

People have walked into that house ever since (and that was many, many years ago), and they say, “this just feels good.” This is because there is a good feel to this piece of property, and the openness of its particular set up.

Now, [Bobbie] didn’t have an agenda about the way a house should look, because she wasn’t even going to move. But she could feel it when she came in. She looked out the window and said, “If I’m moving back into the city, this will work.”

She found that place with our guidance, before she even knew our guidance was there. Imagine how much more powerfully things might have moved had she been aware of our guidance.

That’s why we’re inviting you, and those who are listening, to be more aware of that guidance. Raise your vibrational energy. Meditate on it. There are several other places that would have been just as beautiful [for Bobbie], or even more, had she been aware of our guidance that were were lining up for her to look at it. But, that one worked because she felt her way into it.

Does that make sense, Kym?


So, what you're saying is that oftentimes in the human mind, the egoic mind, you’ll notice needs or wants. But when we’re looking at the spiritual self first, we’re really uncovering the bigger picture needs that may need to be met, or a path to go down for us to go down for us to grow and evolve. That’s the way we can listen to those messages, and be open to the guidance, and be able to make those decisions that will help us continue to evolve. Is that correct?


Yes, yes.


Next week, we’ll delve deeper into more ways we can utilize awareness and body sensations to feel your way into answers. And, Gregory will reveal how the soul relates to subjects such as our personalities and linear time.

Until then, reflect on the information above. Pencil in some quiet space in your schedule to meditate, breathe, and connect with your soul. Be open to the answers you might receive, and enjoy the delicious time spent in harmony with the energy of All-that-Is.

For now, trust the flow, and let those good times roll.

Monica Chin