Soul Conversations with Gregory Part 1: What is the soul?


Hi, I’m Kym Coco and welcome to the first of many conversations we will be having with the Gregory Continuum, as channeled by Bobbie G, regarding the soul.

The soul is an invisible aspect of humanity that often gets referenced, but may not fully be understood. Our aim is to discuss the nature of the soul, how it affects our lives on Earth, and how we can embrace the the power of it to maximize our human experience.

Once a month we will release an audio recording of content you see here. We have made the below transcript a bit more succinct, thus making it easier to read should prefer this mode of learning. Both reading and listening to this information about the soul will speak to you in different ways. We suggest you allow yourself the time to do both over the course of the month.

In any case, we suggest you do the following before reading or listening:

1. Get yourself into a centered space.

Gregory has a common thread throughout their conversations to have you take three, deep, cleansing breaths before they come forth. We suggest, if you are reading this, that you do the same. The audio format will invite you to do this along with them. If you have another way to do this for yourself--great! By being in a calm, open place, you will receive the answers you wish to receive more clearly.

2. Identify what the answers mean to you, personally.

All of the words conveyed in writing and audio form are simply energy and vibration in movement. Any words you hear from Gregory, via Bobby, or any content written below by Kym, have been interpreted through their ability to transfer vibration. They are using their understanding to explain the soul. And, the minute that happens, it goes from truth, to a concept. The minute it becomes a concept, it reflects only a portion of reality.

Thus, we encourage you to stop at various points in your reading or listening. Feel what is coming through you. Be in the energy of the information. Gather it. Absorb it. For only you can understand soul for yourself, and you do this through your attention, inquiry, contemplation, and emotion.

3. Keep an open, curious mind.

In order to fully comprehend the magnitude of your soul, it requires you to release any beliefs you hold about life, spirituality, and religion. We are talking about you embracing possibilities about yourself, and yourself as part of an infinite whole,. This will probably more you beyond any thoughts you hold about the subject already. When you keep an open mind, the wisdom of your heart and the knowing you hold deep within can move to the surface and create new ways of viewing and experiencing the world around you.

4) Enjoy the journey.

We’re all along for this ride together, both those of us in physical form and those who are not. Have fun. Be playful. Take what you want, leave the rest, and enjoy the ride.


Here we are for another chance to experience and express ideas, options, and possibilities from the All-That-Is to all of who you choose to know. To begin with, let’s center up with three cleansing breaths. We invite you to sit with your feet flat on your floor, hands in the lap, with the palms facing up. Breathe in, and imagine that the air is coming up from the Earth, up through the body, and out through the top of the head. We ask you to hold the breath before breathing back out.

[Inhale. Hold. And, breathe out. Repeat two more times.]

As always, it is the intent of the Gregory Continuum--the twelve spiritual masters that have been here for eternity to work with humankind, and with all of the manifestations that go forth into spiritual form on planet earth--we are here to assist you in expanding your awareness and your ability to navigate your lives in more profound, awake, and focused ways. In doing this, it will allow you to create consciously, and co-create consciously, the life you want to live here.

We are but one of many possibilities available to you (or to any who are listening) to expand your awareness of what it is to be a spiritual being in a physical body moving through your life here on the planet.

The more awake and aware you are, the clearer your understanding will be about what you are doing here, the purpose of what you are doing here, what you want to choose next, what you want to release, and how you want to manifest in this particular time space reality continuum you call life on planet earth.

It is a wonderous game we have created here. “We” meaning you and us. It is not that we from non-physical have created [Earth] for you to play in. For, you have created it with us, and you have chosen to go into physical reality, to go in to play in this part of the game. And we have chosen to be not physical, to work with you while you play. You teach us while we teach you. And, we are most excited to be here yet again for another opportunity to expand on what it is you are asking. You want us to give you information to play with, to expand on your knowledge. We learn from you, with questions that you ask.

It is a wonderous wonderous game we are playing here, my darlings.


You talked about us coming into this physical plane, and many of us are aware of something larger than us. This is what we would call a soul. Can you explain what a soul is, and how it relates to us on the physical level?


That is a huge question.

Okay, we’re going to say that there are different levels of soul. There is the higher self, the part of your soul that is in connection with the energy of All-That-Is. It is kind of like a telephone connection between you and the All-That-Is. And, it’s a means by which you connect into the energy from which you came, and to which you will return. [We’ll talk more about this later.]


Let’s start at the beginning of your physical existence.

You’re in the All-That-Is. You’re one with the energy that creates universes, and that is the universe that is creating. This is the ever evolving, ever growing ever expanding energy of All-That-Is. It always has been and always will be. It never ceases. This is a concept that is hard for a human beings to understand, since [humans] have a beginning, middle, and end in this physical reality.

Trust us: there is an energy always in existence. It was there before the big bang, and it will be there when the bang is no longer big. It doesn't matter--it’s always ever present. That is the energy from which we come.

In that space, you who have chosen to play here on this particular planet--on Earth in this time-space continuum--have chosen to go into a body. You chose to create a body.

It’s in this space, you begin to look at what it is you want to achieve and what it is you want to experience.

[Let’s look at the soul, and this human experience through the analogy of molecules. The infinite energy is represented by the all of the drops in the ocean. You--being one with All-That-Is--are just part of the ocean.]

But when you choose to be a soul, you become a drop in the ocean, and that drop looks for how it is going to incarnate into the physical existence. Some drops, or souls, are more aware of what they are doing, and they make a more conscious choice to come into the body. They know who they are being born to, what lessons they want to learn, what they want to accomplish [while in the physical body]. They have a general overall plan.

There are others who say, “I want to be in physical.” Then, boom, they’re in physical, and they don’t have a lot of discernment about that which goes on.


There are 7-9 billion people on the planet at this time, so there are that many different ways people chose to come into physical existence. When one drop decides to become physical, it can choose to become physical in the form of a human, or a plant, or a rock, or an animal. Or, it becomes a microbe. There as many different choices to be physical that you can see on this planet--with the limited knowledge of the planet. Any of those are possibilities of manifestations of energy.

Each experience teaches you. Being a virus teaches you as much as being a human. It is just a different way of learning.

But, for now, let’s keep it to the human experience. You come into being in this body, and in that, you take on a shape and a form. When you breathe your first breath, you are here. And, in that moment, there is the essence of the soul that you are,the aspect of you who chose to be physical. This essence moves into the body, and it believes and becomes the body. But, it is more than a body because at that point, there is a part of the soul that always needs to be connected with All-That-Is. The soul needs to feel the vibration of, and, needs to be part of, the All-That-Is. This connection is never completely severed.

The physical brain [of humans] believe it is the body, and believes its the human only. A baby can still feel the soul connection. Then, infants feel it a little less, and toddlers even a little less still. By the time humans are three or four or five, most of you have moved from that inner connectedness with All-That-Is into being human beings. Then you go to classes and schools and learn that you are a body that has a soul.

Instead, however, you are a soul that has created a body.


And, in that divisiveness, is much of the struggle and pain that you experience in this life’s journey. There is a part of you that knows you are part of All-That-Is. And at the level from which you have disconnected from it, you seek to reconnect with it.  

You’re able to connect to it again through meditation, though learning, through channeling, through spiritual work of various formats. In those moments when you can connect with the All-That-Is, the soul feels at rest. It feels connected to the All-That-Is. And, it is at peace.

And then, when you go back into your human living experience of the different things you came here to learn--to be physical, to talk, to walk, to interact, to move around the planet, to work--you get into your humanness and you feel separate from All-That-Is. You again feel separate from the soul.

As you can see, trying to explain what a soul is can be quite challenging because once you move from the drop of All-That-Is into the body, there is this energy of belief by the time you’re three to five where you are a body separate from the soul. Yet, this is not true. It’s never true. You’re always the soul that is being physical.


It sounds like what you’re saying is that the soul is the infinite aspect of our being, and the physical body is what appears to be finite (even though it comes and goes in physicality). It’s like the soul is our eternal aspect, and it helps define our energetic makeup.


That is one aspect of it. It’s just that we’re trying to find words to put to energy and vibration and movement. We invite those who are listening to close your eyes, and to listen to the information. Feel what it feels like. [If you’re reading here, tune in to your body and notice how it feels.] We need words to convey the [information about the soul], but words are just part of the energy. Pick up the energy that is beyond the words and internalize them at the deeper levels of your own, unique being.


So, the soul is a unique experience to each individual, which is why words can never explain it clearly for everybody because each person is going to have their own interpretation.




Now, you mentioned the soul is part of All-That-Is. The way the soul gets often talked about from the human perspective is that the soul in some way, shape, or form singular in nature. Kym has her soul. Bobbie has hers. Everyone has their own soul. Is that true? Or is the soul more about All-That-Is.


In order to play the game called life on planet Earth, in order to come and play in the physical, you create the belief that you and your soul are separate from All-That-Is. It’s a belief structure. But, the reality is that All-That-Is is All-That-Is. You are always connected to it.


That is the same reason I would think or perceive differently from anyone else on the planet right?. We are all energetic, we are all vibration, everything we see as different is just perceived as such. Is this correct?


If only you could see it from our perspective! When we look at the hologram of Earth, which is the phraseology we are using, we see color and heat and vibration. Kind of like the Kirlian photography (some of those devices are accurate, and others are bogus). But that’s kind of the way we see it.

You are not separate from one another.

For example, when you and your husband, Steve, are being in each others energy, your vibrations and energy are intertwining within your environment.

Using the molecule analogy again, you are the drop of water in the ocean. But you are part of the ocean at the same time. There is no separation. It’s all intertwined.

To play the game of physical, so you can experience and spread in this dimension, there is only the illusion of separateness.


You mention that often we come into physicality with a certain purpose, or  concept to learn, or desire to experience. It’s been portrayed [by other humans] that the soul takes the physical body because it needs to heal itself. Is that a false premise?

Said another way, why do we come into our bodies? And, do we do so to heal our souls?


We would not use the word healing. It’s rather like you’re playing a board game--like monopoly--and you go around. Once you play the game, you choose to buy this property, or buy that location, and you choose to move around the board in this way or that way. And, at the end of the game, you’ve either won or lost.

But, in our perspective, you never lose because you learn something. Then, the next time you play the game, you say, “last time I purchased Park Place right way, but it caused this, this, and that to happen. So, I think this time I play I'm going to buy the railroads instead.”

So you buy the railroads because you want to play the game differently to see how it feels. It doesn’t mean we like a better game. It is just an example of how each time you play, you play differently because you want to learn differently. And, you want to see how it will turn out differently from the overall perspective.

The universe is infinite, so there is an infinite number of ways that you can play the game called life in the universe. Both you and us, as non-physical, are always exploring how many different ways it can be played. And in mankind, you want to know why you are doing this. [Why you are living life, or playing the game called life.]

The answer is: we are doing this because. End of story.  We are doing it because it’s there. It’s there for the doing.  It’s there for the experience. It's’ there for the expression.


Now, once a drop has decided to become physical, it may choose to maintain that illusion of separateness in what you call multiple lives. This can continue in multiple dimensions, and in multiple realities. And, it will decide to play the game in multiple ways. In any case, it is always growing and always learning. And, as part of the All-That-Is, we see that as juicy because we get to see how this drop meanuevers through each particular game.

There is no wrong way to do it.

There are only different ways to do it.

In order to have some of the experiences you have, we (meaning you and us) create the illusion of real vs the unreal. We create the illusion of a reality vs an unreality.

In actuality, everything is real and nothing is real. Your world is a dream and it’s not a dream. A dream is a as real as the world is. But, in order to navigate this game that we have going on here, there are divisions between real and fantasy. And in actuality, everything is real and nothing is real. That is the best we can do with words.


Yes, that was Gregory speaking those last few lines, and not Dr. Seuss!

These are big concepts we are discussing here and we suggest that you take some quiet time now to reflect on the information thus far. What insights do you have about yourself, humanity, or the broad spectrum of the Universe?

Maybe journal your thoughts, or talk about this with a friend.

Then, stay tuned for next week when Gregory answers the following questions:

  • What is the benefit of understanding the soul?
  • Is one way of living life more valuable than another?
  • How do we learn and grow?
  • How do we know when a lesson has been learned?
  • How does the vibration of the soul fit into the physical body?
Bobbie Gray