About the Gregory Continuum



Hello,  We are the Gregory Continuum, a group of 12 Spiritual Guides.

It is our intent to help you to live a more fantastic life.

The most profound growth comes when you explore and experience for yourselves the beauty, vibration, and wisdom we have to offer.

The fullness of life is just waiting here for you to discover, and it is our honor to answer your questions and guide you into your own magnificence

About BobbieG

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 My life is about helping people.  I have helped thousands of individuals learn tools to create a better life. The Gregory wisdom is one of the ways I help you understand, improve, and enjoy your live more fully. My life is about expanding spiritual awareness for myself and others as we all journey to find our highest calling and manifest the lives we were born to live.

I have always sought to understand this varied, often confusing, delightful, yet challenging journey called life.  Why have we come to physical existence? What is God? Why do we struggle so intensely with our journey here?  Why don’t we get along better with our fellow human travelers?    I had so many question seeking answers.  Some answers I found in different religions and some in college, in my Masters Program.  Many answers were found in discussions and interactions with various individuals while more came through my personal life's journey.  The most profound answers have come since I was introduced to Gregory and The Gregory Continuum.  Gregory is my personal spirit guide—what one might call a guardian angel.  Gregory is part of a continuum of 12 spiritual masters that call themselves The Gregory Continuum.  The Continuum are here to guide humanity into a new level of personal and planetary awareness and awakening.

In the beginning I was instructed to meditate and move my hands back and forth across the page to contact Gregory.  Within a year I was writing down information from Gregory, and soon the information came so fast I had to to record my sessions to keep up with the words coming through.  Over the next ten years I channeled for personal enlightenment for myself, family and close friends.  At the beginning of the New Millennium Gregory asked that I share this information with groups of people.  Through Gregory and the Continuum I expand my understanding about this journey of life and I'm able to help other seekers.  I began teaching classes in 2006 to help people learn to channel their spiritual guidance for themselves.  In 2007 the first book, “The Choice”, channeled through Gregory and the Continuum was published. I channeled Messages for listeners to my BlogTalkRadio.com/bobbieg show for over 10 years with almost 100,000 listens. Now I am expanding This work out to the world and you.


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