Soul Converstations with Gregory Part 4:


Thanks for joining us for another Soul Conversation with Gregory. We’re jumping right back in to where we left off last week. Previously, Gregory shared some incredible tools to connect with our soul and raise our vibration. This not only allows us to honor the spiritual path for our lives, but allows us to more clearly hear the messages that spirit has for us along the way.

This time, we’re going to uncover answers to the following questions:

  • How does the soul communicate with the personality?

  • Is the soul affected by linear time?

  • How do we gain wisdom in our lives?

  • How can we work with our soul, and its knowledge, to move forward in our lives?

  • Is there such a thing as a healthy or unhealthy soul?

Before you read any further, we suggest you position yourself comfortably in a seated position. Place your feet on the floor and close your eyes. Feel the connection of your body to the Earth beneath you. Then, take a deep breath in and hold it at the top. Relax your body, and breath all of the air back out of the lungs. Repeat this two more times.

When you open your eyes again, and begin reading below, connect with the beat of your heart. Listen to your inner knowing, and allow your own soul to guide this information into your being in a way that will most serve you today.


With that in mind, let’s get started with today’s first question.

Last time we spoke about how the human mind, or the egoic mind, both have needs or wants. But when we’re looking at the spiritual self first, we’re really uncovering the bigger picture that may need to be met, or maybe a path to go down for us to go down for us to grow and evolve. That’s the way we can listen to the messages of the soul, be open to the guidance, and be able to make those decisions that will help us continue to evolve. Is that correct?


Yes. Yes.

And, we want to clarify more as we talk about awareness versus non-awareness.

Bobbie was working at a job many, many years ago, and she didn’t know why . Again, we were working with her before she knew we were here.  She just felt that one day she would walk up to the doors, and would not be able to open them. We were sending her that picture because she kept saying, “God, I’m miserable. What do I do?”

She kept asking the question and not looking to the answer.

So we sent that information, and it took about two years to get her to leave that place. Now, she is in a new transition. Now she is aware of our energy. Now, when she asks [a question], she breathes and listens. She still doesn’t know exactly why she’s letting go the way she’s letting go of the previous [work] engagement so that she can open more to us. But she can feel it. And she can allow us to lead her where the egoic mind doesn’t even know [to go].

Many years ago, [her] egoic mind had trouble letting go because it was afrad. Now, it’s still a little bit afraid, but because Bobbie can feel more powerfully and knows of us, the egoic mind just watches us work miracles. It says, “I’m afraid, but I’m going to do it anyway. And oh, I'm actually excited about doing this. Okay, I need to meditate and understand what is going on here.”

And, the egoic mind has begun to realize it doesn’t understand in wordable ways what is happening. But, it understands that it is happening and it trusts the spiritual guidance of the expansion it feels as it allows us to lead her and the new area of what is to become.

We want you to understand that when we say we’re leading, we’re not making [anything] happen. We are answering [Bobbie’s] wants that she forgot she asked about. And, [we’re] leading her to the ultimate want that she and her oversoul had decided (but that she forgot she had asked for, and that the egoic mind forgot it asked for). Does that make sense?


Yes, it does. You mentioned a few times about “feeling your way into it”. Is that the broader answer to what it means to live according to your spiritual self first? Feeling your way into the answers step by step?


It is for the Bobbie, because right now we’re teaching her how to be in touch with her emotions. She also can see through the third eye visualizations. But if you look at the book, You are Psychic, it talks about some people just have a knowing, an instant knowing, a gut level reaction. Whatever your primary modality is for receiving spiritual information, that will used to [provide messages]. It used to be that Bobbie would hear us, and right now we’re working on her developing more feeling. For her, right now, it’s learning to feel. For some of you, it will be to listen to the knowing in your world. For others, it’s to close your eyes and allow us to send you the pictures. Ultimately, the more you develop your senses, you will see, hear, feel, and sense--[and be able to use] all of them.

Whatever way you receive your spiritual messages most powerfully is the way you should utilize them. If you’re a visual person, and you’re trying to feel [the answers], it may not work. Bobbie couldn’t have felt us 20 years ago, but she can now.


It’s a beautiful marriage of the spiritual and the physical because you are using the physical to understand the spiritual.


Yes. And vice versa.


I have another question. Is there a difference between the personalities of us, as humans, and the soul?


Wow! Is that ever a good question. Yes, and no.

The personality is connected to the ego, is connected to the Earth. And it can’t be completely separate from the soul because the personality resides within the soul. Said a simpler way, the personality is in the body, and resides within the soul. So there is always an energetic integration of all of the information between the personality and the soul.

But the soul is more than the personality. And the soul doesn’t get bogged down in the human journey the way the personality does. But, the personality gives the soul the information about what needs to happen in the human, egoic physical world, and the soul gives the personality the energy and the information about how to navigate the journey even more profoundly.

So, it’s rather like the infinity sign. On one side of the infinity, is the egoic personality self and on the other side of the infinity sign is the soul, or higher self. The two of them meet in the middle to exchange information, and as they come closer to the middle, they are intertwining their energy.

It’s not just completely a figure-eight laying on it’s side. As [both the soul and the personality] come closer to the center, the energies intertwine and exchange information and then go back to the outsides of the infinity sign.


So, when you are being aware of your spiritual self, and the answers that come through for your life, does that blend with personality and the soul? Are you collecting the data in that intertwined space of the personality and the soul?


Yes. Yes. And, again, we are going to use the example of Bobbie. But, you’ll also see this if you watch Esther [Hicks] or Eckhart Tolle, or Deepak Chopra, or Oprah. They are out there on the stage for you to look at, and when you look at their younger selves versus how they are now, [you can tell they are more connected with spirit and able to integrate that information now.

But, we’ll give you a very concrete [example]. In the beginning, when Bobbie was doing her therapy practice, she utilized the books and the teachings of her schooling. And, the more she has worked with us ,the Gregory, and the more she has done the readings with people, the more the information of spirit and flow and energy and openness has permeated the verbage she uses when she is doing her therapy. She still respects the belief systems of the person she is working with, but she can utilize their belief systems more powerfully because we give her the information about how they feel.

So when you hear Bobbie speak in her day-to-day life, there is more Gregory message there. She has increased her ability to understand the human journey, and increased her compassion. Where she might have been angry at seeing what someone did years ago, now she has more compassion and understanding of their human journey from understanding her own human journey, and from understanding the human journey of all of the individuals she has helped through therapy and through spiritual readings.

Through doing this [spiritual work], it can't help but integrate [into your daily life].

At the same time, we’ve grown in our ability to help our physical friends to understand the psychological information that Bobbie has absorbed through her therapy work, and we can integrate that into helping people expand in their spiritual gifts.

Before, we would just give them information.

Now, we can pull in some of the psychology and say to someone, “But we see this emotional block that you’re having, and it’s connected to something that happened back there, and we want you to do this process to release it. Then, when it’s released, you can feel in, or see in, or hear in, or be in, the wisdom of the opening that we are offering here.” Does that make sense?


Yes, it does. I laugh because many people would just attribute their wisdom to many years and experiences on Earth. But you’re saying it's more the connection to the soul than just knowledge [that influences wisdom]?


This is me coming through here for a second. Gregory doesn’t let me do this very often. I know that when I’m in my Bobbie-ness, I feel that I have grown a lot just through doing the work I’ve done. And, let’s use my therapy as an example. I feel that my therapy has far expanded from when I first started. But, when I tap into the Gregory, and they’re giving me information, especially if I have a client that knows I do spiritual guide work, and they ask for a bit of Gregory in [their session]... Kym, the information that comes through in those moments is way beyond what my Bobbie-brain would have ever known. That is the best way I can explain it. It’s just, “WOW! I would have never figured that one out because I don’t have it in my human brain to know that.”  [That information] comes from non-physical. They show me energy, they show me pictures, they show me feelings, and they show me the soul journey of the other person that I don’t know in my Bobbie-brain. Okay, so I’m leaving again.


And, we are back.


That was a great example from Bobbie. I was referring more to the personality side [of wisdom], since we are talking about being more subdued with age. What you are saying is that the soul influence is still far greater, or of a far greater magnitude, than just life experience?


It is. People say that wisdom comes with age. But, my darlings, if you look around, you will find many elderly people who are not particularly wise. It’s the integration with your spiritual, the slowing down to feel the vibration of the Universe, the willingness to do a life review and look, that makes you wise. When you are doing that, even if you don’t have this particular belief of the Gregory Continuum coming through or of the metaphysical, it doesn’t matter. When people take the time to be in that [spiritual] energy, there is a slowing down and the personality can learn.

But look out at some of the older people in your world who are still banging against the walls, still doing the same things that haven't worked their whole life, still holding grudges, and dying mad and upset. Age doesn’t bring wisdom. The ability to look at your life, and take the time to review and absorb the learnings that you've had over the years, is what brings wisdom.

So, yes, you can choose to [reflect and learn], and the more powerfully it is connected to spirit, the deeper level of learning you can obtain.

Bobbie Gray