Soul Conversations with Gregory Part 5: The Soul, Personalities, and Linear Time


Hello all!

Welcome to our ongoing conversations about the Soul with the Gregory Continuum. While we spoke last time about messages from the soul and how to honor your Spiritual Self, this week we’re going to dive into:

  • The health of the soul

  • How personality relates to the soul, and

  • The impact of time on our life experience.

So let’s get right into this juicy material.

Is there such a thing as a healthy soul and an unhealthy one?


Not the soul. The soul itself is not unhealthy.

The lessons the personality may have come [here to learn] might be called unhealthy by our society. But it’s still a lesson that a personality can choose to understand what it’s like to live a life like that. For example, if someone who goes around being mean to people, and hurting people and doing cruel jobs, when they go over to the other side, they might look back and go, “Ahhh! Well, I see why that doesn’t work.”

They don’t have to make up and atone for sins, but they may choose to go back [to Earth] to be kinder, or just to wash their energy clear and re-feel the positive vibration. So, there’s a personality piece [about health] that … oh, this get’s convoluted.

You have your personality piece. And you have your soul piece, and they are connected. At the same time, they aren’t connected. When they cross over [from the physical plane], the personality looks at what’s happened and continues to grow and learn, and keeps the energy of the personality as it comes back into the next life to learn. And it's still connected to the oversoul and the oversoul is always connected to the God force and that is always good.


So, does the soul, on it’s own as the soul, have a temperament?


Not like you’re thinking, no.


Okay. So, [the soul] doesn’t have things it can and cannot tolerate, per say? Would that be more personality?


Right. That would be more personality.we have different agendas. Let us give you an example. Within the Gregory Continuum, there is the Gregory (who is the main speaker for the 12 spiritual masters that make up the group). And, we invite people, we suggest to people, we gently guide people because that is our energy. Then, there is Thor. Thor says, “Just tell it like it is.” It’s a more direct energy, and it’s a higher vibration because it doesn’t feel the need to mollycoddle or take time inviting or suggesting. It’s just, “this is what you need to do, and you need to do it now.” Then, there’s Chayantu, who dances and moves with the energy. In some ways, that feels to the human like a personality, but it’s just a different level of vibration.

Think of it like music. Thor would be the bass drum. And Chantayu would be the flute. And Gregory would be the piano with many notes. So, they’re all part of the symphony. They’re all part of the music. But they don’t have personality. They are just part of the music of the Universe. That is the best way we can help you understand

It’s not like the personality on the human level, that allows anger and can hold grudges, and can hold on to the upset even when the energy of a human being crosses over. Even sometimes, they have to come back down to continue to work out [that anger] because it wasn’t able to let it go in the cross over space. Does that help?


Yes. we’ll leave the crossover space for our next conversation, as that opens up a whole different can of worms. But, I have two more questions we can address today. First, how does the soul relate to linear time?


It doesn’t. There is no attachment. It knows linear time exists, and when we’re trying to work with you, as humans, we will do our best to try to explain things to you in linear time because we know you are living in a linear time. We also know that at the same time you are living in a linear time, you’re also living in multiple realities that you’re not even aware of.

We understand that the past, present and future happen at the same time and that they’re all ever-evolving. It also depends on what timeline you’re in as to how the way time works. And we know that the human brain can’t quite understand it--like how the Universe is expanding and contracting all at the same time. But, there is no time. It just is. And to understand “is” from the human perspective is next to impossible.

So, we work within your time frame because that’s what you came to play in. If you look at the human life experience on the planet Earth, as a game board and a piece of experience that you and we have devised to play with a kind of an agenda, its [still] open for interpretations at any particular second in time because we can’t know what’s going to happen until it happens. And, that happens in all time and no time, and that gets very confusing.


I have a quote about the soul and time, and I’d like your take on it. It goes like this:

“Physical light is not the light of your soul. Physical light travels at a certain velocity and cannot go any faster. The light of your soul, however, is instantaneous.”


Yes, that’s part of the reason we have such challenge here. When you begin to move into metaphysical, when you open to spirit the way you have,  Kym, and the many who are listening here have, you will be in your physical life and you will know--you know in your soul being--that all you have to do is think a thought in itself for it to manifest. If you thought about a new job, it would be there. If you thought about being in a ditch, you’d be there. So, in non-physical everything is just a thought or a breath away.

But, you chose to play the game in the physical reality where you think a thought, and you have to do all of the stuff to get the thought to come into physical being. That’s what you came here to play. That’s the way the game was set up, and it can get so frustrating the closer you get to your connection with non physical. You have the ability to see that, yes, you can have that job. Yes, you can have that house. You can see it, feel it, hear it, touch it. It’s only a thought away.

And you’re in the physical plane now where there are steps. Tou have experienced this, Kym. You know that anything you want is only a thought away. But you're in a game that is set up for you to learn how to bring thoughts into physical by holding those thoughts over and over and over again in this time-space continuum until they builds up enough momentum in the emotional escrow, as Abraham says, that allows them to manifest into a physical reality.


Which goes back to the principle we talked about earlier, that when you’re living according to your spiritual self first, the [linear] time is less relevant.




I want to come back through, for a minute. Just as I was saying the other day, I am realizing that that which I am doing right now--the channeling with the Gregory and the letting go of the therapy and moving into the Gregory full time--that was a vision I put up on my board in 2006. And we’re in 2018! I think, “Wow! That happened, and that happened, and I didnt even notice it happening, I was thinking... I wasn’t even aware I was thinking, but my goal was to be here, and I had to get rid of all of the I can’ts between 2006 and 2018 to create the here I’m having now.

Now I’ve got a whole lot of new “I can’ts” (or excuses) that I’m in the process of releasing, so I can move into the next level. I understand it better by going, “Wow! This is the now that I created with the then of my thinking. And now, I know even more powerfully that the next then is going to happen because this then is here and now.”

Did that make any sense?


It does.


We are back.


Gregory, do you have any final thoughts for us to close out our time together today?

We would like to piggyback on that comment that Bobbie was just making. So, when you are working, not working, when you are allowing yourself to expand your is-ness, when the egoic self is allowing spirit to be the leader and the egoic self to be the follower, when you are allowing yourself to relax into the increase of energy vibration, you allow your soul to expand. And, when you do that, you will bring your thinking into the energy of expansion more frequently throughout your day to day life.

Frequently catch yourself when you go back into the “I can’ts” or “I won’ts” or the fears, and say, “Wait! That’s not the energy of the Universe. The truth is ever expanding and so am I.”

The more you do that, the more quickly you will expand, you will realize that which you want to have happen. Although it has taken multiple years for Bobbie to reach where she is right now, it will take way fewer for her to go where she is going next because she is more in the [spiritual] energy. You’re more in that energy, Kym, as you let go of what was, and move back into the wisdom of the expansion you knew before you took a side-step into mundania. And as you let mundania release, and say, “Hold it. No! Expansion is where I belong,” expansion will happen more quickly.

Each time you allow it to happen more quickly, for those of you who are listening, you increase your vibrational energy and it happens even more quickly until the ego just goes, “Okay. What’s next?”

You can reach a point--and this is where we are wanting all of you to reach--where instead of the ego going, “I don’t know,” it says, “Hold it! It’s more fun when I follow spirit.” The egoic mind can take a deep breath and it says, “What’s next?”

When you ask “what’s next?” you give us carte blanche permission to step in.

So, with that, trust the flow, and let those good times roll. And, that is the message from the Gregory.


Please join us next time to discover even more details about the personality and the soul. We’ll also talk more about the crossover space, karma, and the power of making choices consciously.

Until then, enjoy the learning. Notice what new thoughts pop into your mind and new feelings into your body as a result of this information.

Until then, enjoy a great week exploring these concepts in your own life. Cheers for now!

Monica Chin