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Bobbie G has always sought to understand this varied, often confusing, delightful, yet challenging journey called life.  Why have we come to physical existence?  Why do we struggle so intensely with our journey here?  Why don’t we get along better with our fellow human travelers?  What is God?  She had so many question seeking answers.  Some answers she found in different religions and some in school and college.  Many answers were found in discussions and interactions with various individuals while more came through her personal journey of the discovery of life.  The most profound answers have come since she was introduced to Gregory.

In 1989 Bobbie G was introduced to Gregory through readings by her friend and gifted channel, Teri Cummings.  Gregory is Bobbie’s personal spirit guide—what one might call a guardian angle.  Gregory is part of a continuum of spiritual masters she now calls The Gregory Continuum who are here to guide humanity into a new level of personal and planetary awareness and awakening.

Bobbie was instructed to meditate and just move her hands back and forth across the page to learn to contact Gregory for herself.  A year later she was able to write down information from Gregory and soon the information was coming to her so fast she began to record her morning sessions.  Most of her channeling over the next ten years was for personal enlightenment for herself, family and close friends.  At the beginning of the New Millennium Gregory asked that she share this information with groups of peopleThrough Gregory and the Continuum she is expanding her understanding about this journey of life and is able to help others with their questions.  She began teaching classes in 2006 to help others learn to channel their spiritual guidance for themselves.  In 2007 the first book, “The Choice”, channeled through Gregory and the Continuum. This book was published and she is currently working on two additional books.

Bobbie’s life is about helping people.  The Gregory wisdom is one of the ways she helps individuals understand, improve, and enjoy their lives more fully.  She feels blessed that her life is about expanding spiritual awareness for herself and others as we all journey to find our highest calling and manifest the lives we were born to live.